Week 13

A lot has got done this week. The whole game is complete in fact, which is super crazy. As of right now all that we’re doing is playtesting and bug fixing to ensure that it’s working smoothly for next Friday. As for what I’ve finished this week, I’ve made sure that all animations are complete. This includes creating all of the geisha’s animations since her silhouette was just finished this past weekend. Luckily, in order to make sure all features were in, Glynis created extra MC attack animations to go with our games grading scale.


The rest of the characters all have their sprite sheets as well:

It’s been a lot of work this past semester, but it was definitely worth it. The team has worked incredibly hard and everyone has contributed some really great content. I’m excited to see the game at the senior show, and that soon we’ll be able to get the game out to the public on the Play and App store.

Week 12

This week has mostly been spent working on the Ponytail sprite as well as getting down to crunch time with work meetings. The final Ponytail attack wasn’t too hard to nail down, though I did change it up a bit from my initial sketches which felt a bit stiff.


I’ve made the sketch of Ponytail’s death, as well as the MC’s death since I just realized that his death was not done. The old lady’s sprite sheets are all done and set to be put in as well as the MC. Once they’re in the build we can look at them and make a few more quick edits.

Week 11

This week really wasn’t as productive for me. I just haven’t been feeling well so that definitely slowed me down. I was still able to get a couple tasks done. One of the main things being finally going back and adding another frame to the flower health sprites. There had been an error occurring with the animation since it didn’t exactly match up with our health system. The updated sprite sheet is as follows:


I did also finish the death animation for the old lady:


Aside from this, I’ve been looking at reference to move forward with the Ponytail sprites animations. The best so far have come from videos showing the Niten Ichi-ryū technique. This technique is based around dual wielding the katakana and wakizashi swords. Some of the best reference I’ve found for this is this demonstration:

Week 10

I’m a little late posting this time around, but I’ve finally finished the old lady sensei attack animation. I think that this time it’s much more successful since I have the whole body of the character really getting involved in the motion(I also made sure to have the cloth follow though as well).


I’ve been moving forward with sketching out death and idle animations for the old lady, since I feel that I got somewhat stuck on the attack animation which slowed up the whole process. Moving forward I’m hoping to keep the quality of this animation, but also move at a quicker pace.

Week 9

Before break, I had started working on the old lady animation set and wasn’t really liking where the attack animation was going. While on one hand our silhouettes make animating easier since I don’t have to worry about fine detail, some movements are harder to get to translate. Because of this I’ve decided to rework the animation into a slightly more downward strike. I drew more from the second video I linked in last weeks blog post, and tried to incorporate even more movement throughout the whole body. The lack of motion in the other week’s mockup is another factor in what I thought made it really stiff.


With this animation I’m looking to stretch out the character and make her rotate a bit more to make it feel more real and living.

Week 7

I didn’t make as much progress this past week as I had hoped, but I did start in with animating the old lady sensei silhouette since Connor finished that recently. The old lady is a much different stature and also using a naginata. I’ve gone back into looking at reference material to see the typical strikes made while using a naginata, and how the user balances their body with the length of the naginata.

These two videos have been the most helpful to me in seeing how the users body moves with the weapon. I wanted to try and represent one of the more diagonal strikes that seem most commonly used by female combatants. Looking at the videos, I can see why this strike would be so effective since it allows for a great deal of power behind a cut while allowing the user to maintain balance. While I did start to make this animation, I don’t think it’s properly communicating the movement yet. I think after break I’ll revisit the animation and change it up some.


Week 6

Now that I’ve been starting into actual character animations, I’ve been spending lots of time watching videos of actual Japanese fighting techniques. YouTube was definitely my friend in finding reference videos and I’ve also looked at clips from Samurai Jack upon Maddie’s recommendation because they also break down the fighting into great, stylized frames. One of the more helpful videos in breaking down the movement was this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eYzRDbndt0&t=128s

I was able to create a first pass at the MC’s attack animation after taking notes from the different reference. There’s still some areas that I can make smoother with the current animation, but as of right now I’m not too concerned with moving forward.